About Us

Our main objective is to unlock producer’s potential through strategic and financial support in key focus areas. South African producers face many challenges on a daily basis. The industry requires a diverse skillset on different levels with specialised knowledge in specific areas.


Dunamus Agri Advisory’s vision entails delivering high quality advice, training and practical solutions for their clients from a holistic and sustainable approach to ensure profitable and successful clients. Dunamus Agri Advisory wants to be known as an expert and worthy partner in the agricultural sector.


  • Exceptional service to its clients.
  • Advice which leads to an increase in efficiency, profitability and sustainability.
  • A holistic approach where client’s dreams, passions and talents are combined with available resources to address agricultural challenges in a continuous changing agricultural environment.

At Dunamus Agri Advisory, we can help you unlock your farming business’ full potential and reach an all new level of success.